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For many users, BTC will be the first asset they will hold in their Leather wallet. There are two ways that users can populate their wallet with bitcoin:

  1. Receiving tokens

  2. Buying tokens

This guide will cover how to buy bitcoin to deposit into your Leather account.

What Crypto Exchanges and Platforms Should I Be Connected to?

Before you buy tokens using Leather, please register with one of the following:

These are the exchanges and platforms that users can connect to with their Leather extension.

You will need a valid email address to create an account on your exchange of choice. Many exchanges will also recommend setting up 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for extra security and will ask you a set of Know Your Customer (KYC) questions to verify your identity.

How to Buy BTC with Leather

Once you’ve set up an account with one of the exchanges and platforms listed above, you can buy tokens by following these steps:

  1. In your Leather extension, click the “Buy” button displayed on your main account page

  1. Choose “Bitcoin”

  1. Select your preferred exchange and follow the steps listed there to purchase tokens

You’ll notice that there is a “Fast checkout” label attached to some exchange options. Exchanges with this label will let you purchase and deposit your tokens with a credit card.

How to Deposit BTC with Leather

You can deposit your new bitcoins by following these steps:

  1. Click the “Receive” option on your wallet home screen

  2. Copy your Bitcoin address

  3. Return to your exchange account and choose to send BTC

  4. When prompted, paste the address you originally copied to establish your Leather wallet as the recipient and complete the transaction

  5. Your BTC should appear in your wallet within a few minutes, though network traffic could result in longer wait times

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This article was updated on 21/3/24

This article was updated on 21/3/24