Connect Leather with Your Ledger Hardware Wallet

Hardware Wallets

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For added security, users may opt to connect their Leather extension with a cold wallet storage option. 

Ledger devices are compatible with the Leather extension and give users another option for managing their tokens and collectibles.

How to Set Up Your Ledger Device

When you connect your Ledger device to your computer, a series of steps will appear on your device’s screen to help you complete the setup process. Make sure that you have downloaded the Ledger Live app to proceed.

The next steps will require you to take action on both your hardware device and the Ledger Live app. 

To set up your Ledger wallet:

  1. Plug your Leather device into your computer

  2. Select the Ledger device that you’re using

  3. If this is your first time setting up your Ledger device, select the “Setup a new [insert device name]” option on the page that appears

  4. Set up a pin by following the instructions that appear on your Ledger device before clicking “Next step” in the Ledger Live app

  5. Record the 24-word recovery phrase displayed on your Ledger device to proceed

  6. Download the Ledger Live “Bitcoin (BTC)” app or the “Stacks (STX)” app

  7. Select “Add account” to create your first Bitcoin account

How to Connect Your Ledger Device with Leather

To connect your Ledger device to the Leather extension, you’ll need to do so via the installation homepage that appears when you install the Leather extension for the first time. This might require you to uninstall and reinstall the extension, which is why we emphasize that users properly secure their Secret Keys.

To connect your existing Ledger device with Leather:

  1. Select the “Use Ledger” option from the installation homepage

  2. Unlock your Ledger device

  3. Ensure that your Ledger device is connected to the “Bitcoin (BTC)” or “Stacks (STX)” app

  4. Click “Connect Bitcoin” 

  5. Select your Ledger device from the list of compatible devices that appear and click “Connect”

This article was updated on 7/5/24

This article was updated on 7/5/24