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It is common for users to wait anywhere from 2 to 60 minutes for a transaction confirmation. However, if your transaction has been pending for more than 2 hours, this usually indicates that traffic on the network is high and fees have increased.

In these cases, your transaction may be dropped after a certain amount of blocks or amount of time has passed. While unconfirmed transactions have no impact on a user’s wallet (the transaction never went through), users can take steps to increase the likelihood of their transactions being processed promptly.

How to Troubleshoot Pending Transactions in Leather

If your transaction has been pending for several hours, open your Leather extension and check that:

You have enough funds for the transaction

Every transaction requires the user to pay a fee on top of the original transaction balance. Paying higher fees during peak network traffic incentivizes miners to confirm your transaction promptly in upcoming blocks.

A transaction could remain unconfirmed for hours if a user does not have the funds needed to cover both the transaction and the associated fee. If that is the case, you can fund your wallet and re-send the transaction if it ends up being dropped.

You’re able to reconfigure the transaction fee

Additionally, you can reconfigure the fee associated with your transaction. If your transaction has been pending for a while, selecting a higher fee will often increase the chances of your transaction being confirmed in the next block.

After making sure that you have enough funds to cover a fee increase, click on your transaction in the “Activity” tab and follow these steps.

There are no nonce gaps

Stacks transactions in Leather use nonces to determine what order transactions are processed. These nonces are processed sequentially, meaning that a Leather account that hasn’t sent any transactions will begin at nonce 0, and subsequent transactions will be automatically set at 1, 2, 3, etc. Transaction nonces can be viewed on the Stacks Explorer.

If there are gaps in the nonces associated with your account (going from 30 to 32, for example), you’ll want to edit your nonce to make sure that it matches the sequence order. You can also send a completely new transaction, edit the nonce to be similar to that of a pending transaction, and set a higher fee to replace the pending transaction with your preferred nonce.

Please note that it does take time for transactions to propagate over the network, and transactions with a higher fee will replace those with a lower fee even if they share the same nonce.

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This article was updated on 25/3/24

This article was updated on 25/3/24