Send BRC-20 Tokens


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Users have the ability to send BRC-20 tokens as part of Leather’s BRC-20 support. However, sending BRC-20 tokens involves two types of transactions:

  1. Creating a transfer inscription

  2. Sending the transfer inscription to a recipient.

This guide will cover both steps needed for users to send BRC-20 tokens to other users and wallet accounts.

How to Send BRC-20 Tokens in Leather

To create a transfer inscription:

  1. Click “Send”

  1. Select the BRC-20 token you want to send

  1. Specify the number of BRC-20 tokens you’d like to send

  1. Select the fee option you want for the transaction

  1. Confirm the transaction

How to Send BRC-20 Transfer Inscription in Leather

Once you see your transfer inscription appear in the “Collectibles” section of your wallet, follow these steps to send your BRC-20 token to another recipient:

  1. Click “Send” on the transfer inscription that was created as part of your minting process

  1. Enter the recipient’s Taproot address

  1. Choose the fee option you’d like for your transaction

  1. Review and confirm your transaction

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This article was updated on 3/21/24

This article was updated on 3/21/24