Create Ordinal Inscriptions on Gamma


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This guide will walk users through the steps needed to mint an Ordinal on using Leather.

How to Inscribe an Ordinal on Gamma

  1. Visit

  2. Click the “Create single inscription for myself” option (unless you’re looking to mint a collection)

  3. Select “Leather” from the list of wallet options that appear

  4. Choose your inscription type

  5. Upload the file you want to inscribe and click “Continue”

  6. Set your transaction fee

  7. Open your Leather extension and select the “Add new” option under the “Collectibles” section

  8. Copy the Taproot address under the “Ordinal inscription” option

  9. Return to the page to paste your Taproot address into the “Recipient bitcoin address” field (you will also have the option to provide a refund address and an email address)

  10. Review the order details and continue

  11. You’ll be asked to complete your transaction by sending a certain amount of BTC to a specific address, which you can do by following the “Send BTC” guide

  12. Click “Continue” to complete the transaction

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This article was updated on 3/31/24

This article was updated on 3/31/24