Receive BRC-20 Tokens


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Similar to receiving Ordinal inscriptions, users will need their Taproot address (which starts with “bc1p”) to receive BRC-20 tokens given that these tokens are minted using the Ordinals protocol.

How to Receive BRC-20 Tokens in Leather

  1. Hit the “Receive” button in the main menu of your extension

  2. Make sure the “Tokens” tab is selected

  3. Copy the Taproot address listed with the “BRC-20” option

  4. Paste and send your address to the intended sender

Once the transaction has been confirmed by the Bitcoin network, the BRC-20 tokens you’ve received will appear under the “Assets” tab in your tokens section.

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This article was updated on 7/8/24

This article was updated on 7/8/24