Receive Assets

Getting Started

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Sending and receiving assets is one of the most basic functions of any crypto wallet. Leather gives users the ability to easily receive Bitcoin-backed assets from other wallet accounts and users.

How to Receive Assets in Leather

  1. Determine which type of asset (token or collectible) you’ll be receiving

  2. Based on the type of asset you’re receiving, determine which Bitcoin address you’ll need for the transaction

  3. Hit the “Receive” button in the main menu of your extension

  4. Select “Tokens” or “Collectibles” to view the addresses you’ll need

  5. Copy the appropriate address for the asset you’re looking to receive

  6. Paste and send your address to the intended sender

Once the transaction has been confirmed by the Bitcoin network, the assets you received will be displayed under the “Assets” tab on your main Leather extension page.

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This article was updated on 7/8/24

This article was updated on 7/8/24