Giving Users the Best Bitcoin Wallet Balance Displays: USD Balances in Leather

Giving Users the Best Bitcoin Wallet Balance Displays: USD Balances in Leather

Giving Users the Best Bitcoin Wallet Balance Displays: USD Balances in Leather

Apr 30, 2024

General Wallet Use

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The Bitcoin ecosystem is attracting a significant influx of users thanks to new developments on the world’s oldest blockchain. Thus, having a solid Bitcoin wallet with outstanding UI/UX is more important than ever to onboard more users to Bitcoin.

Here, it's often the subtle details that make a profound difference, including how a wallet displays token balances. Displaying equivalent fiat balances in a wallet may not be the first thing new users think about, but it's a critical aspect of their experience.

Why Show USD Balances in Leather?

We recently introduced USD balance support for BRC-20 and SIP10 tokens. 

The real-world value of digital assets can sometimes feel abstract or elusive, especially to users who are new to the ecosystem. By displaying additional tokens in USD, Leather bridges this gap and transforms the way you view and manage your Bitcoin and Bitcoin-backed assets.

This means that as of today, users can see the USD balances associated with the following tokens:

  • BTC

  • STX

  • BRC-20

  • SIP10 

This integration is a response to the demands of a growing user base and a proactive step towards demystifying the crypto landscape. It's a move that speaks to our philosophy — to make the Bitcoin ecosystem accessible, intuitive, and user-centric.

Whether you're a seasoned investor keeping a close eye on your portfolio or a newcomer eager to explore the Bitcoin ecosystem, having your tokens displayed in USD ensures that your experience with Leather is straightforward and hassle-free.

When you can immediately view your assets in terms you recognize and trust, no additional tools are needed to decipher your portfolio's worth. This clarity is instrumental in helping you make informed decisions with your wallet, whether you’re buying, selling, or simply holding your assets.

Moreover, this transparency helps prevent common pitfalls associated with managing digital currencies. Overdrawing from funds or misunderstanding the value of transactions can be discouraging experiences, deterring users from further engaging with their wallet and the broader Bitcoin ecosystem. 


An easier-to-use wallet fosters a deeper, more meaningful interaction with Bitcoin. This ethos is at the heart of our vision to not only create the premier Bitcoin wallet but also to serve as a gateway to a more accessible and engaging digital financial landscape.

Leather is dedicated to this journey, ensuring that every feature we introduce — including USD balance displays — is a step towards a more inclusive and user-friendly crypto world.

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