Recover Secret Key with Backup Data

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There are certain circumstances where users may need to recover their Secret Key using backup data. Often, this is needed when users have lost their Secret Key and are unable to unlock their Leather wallet using just a password. 

If you have uninstalled Leather, your data has likely been deleted from your computer. However, you may still attempt to recover your Secret Key using these steps if you’ve backed up your data.

How to Recover Your Secret Key Using Backup Data

To recover your Secret Key:

  1. Find the local folder that stores all of your extension data

    1. For Windows users, the format is normally: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

    2. For MacOS users, the format is normally: Library>Application Support>Google>Chrome>Default>Local Extension Settings>

  2. Click through the folders to find the one associated with your Leather extension

  3. Find the file with a .log extension that contains your “salt,” “encryptedSecretKey,” and password data. This can normally look like:

  4. Open Chrome, Brave, or Opera on your computer (or another computer, if necessary)

  5. Double check that the browser you’re using has the Leather extension installed

  6. Right click on the Leather extension icon in your browser and select “Open in a new tab”

  7. Edit the end of the URL to “debug.html” from “index.html”

  8. Enter the “encryptedSecretKey” data, “salt” data, and your wallet password into the fields using your .log file as reference

  9. Click “Decrypt”

  10. Copy your Secret Key when it appears

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This article was updated on 4/13/24

This article was updated on 4/13/24