Install Leather For Developer Builds


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When Leather developers have finished building a new feature or bug fix, they will often create a new version of the Chrome extension for testing purposes prior to public release. These versions give users the opportunity to try new wallet features and point out areas for improvement.

How to Install Leather for Developer Builds

  1. Find the specific pull request on Github with the feature or fix you’d like to test

  2. Download the extension by clicking on the “Extension build” link in the first line of the pull request

  3. Scroll down and click on the wallet version under “Artifacts” and unzip the extension build when prompted.

  4. Go to “chrome://extensions” to turn off your current Leather extension

  5. Switch on “Developer mode” at the top right corner of the extension management page

  6. Click the “Load unpacked” button that should appear underneath the “Extensions” tab on the upper left corner of the page

  7. Select the folder you downloaded that houses the unzipped wallet extension

  8. Depending on the feature you’re looking to test, you will either restore the wallet with an existing Secret Key, or you’ll create a new wallet for the purposes of the test

  9. Test the new feature or fix

Following the test, you can submit your results and share your experience by returning to the specific Github pull request. You’ll see a “Test report” link next to the initial “Extension build” link that you clicked.

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This article was updated on 3/21/24

This article was updated on 3/21/24