Unpacking Leather's New Brand Identity

Unpacking Leather's New Brand Identity

Unpacking Leather's New Brand Identity

Aug 31, 2023

General Wallet Use

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Today, we introduced Leather – a new Bitcoin wallet brand bringing Bitcoin to the rest of us. 

It is the Bitcoin wallet for users who want to tap into an emerging Bitcoin economy built on trustless and decentralized technologies. We believe in making Bitcoin Web3 a welcome place where everyone feels empowered to decide when – and how – to use their assets.

To go with our new brand, we’re also launching a whole new brand identity that emphasizes three key components to our mission: 

  • Making Web3 wallets more accessible and less intimidating

  • Breathing life into Bitcoin and establish it as the bedrock of Web3

  • Building a Bitcoin wallet that feels tangible and long-lasting

We created Leather (formerly “Hiro Wallet”) to give Bitcoin users an avenue to put their BTC to work so that they, too, could access the growing Web3 ecosystem. Not only that, they could do so with a self-custodied wallet that gave them full control over their own Bitcoin-secured assets and online identity. 

That sense of welcome familiarity and personalization is embodied in the name, Leather, itself. Much like a classic, trustworthy physical leather wallet from the Web2 world, we want Leather to bring that same sense of tangibility and reliability into the Web3 experience. 

For the launch of our new brand, we collaborated with Porto Rocha, a premier New York-based branding agency that has consistently pushed the boundaries with their forward-thinking designs. They have worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, and we were thrilled to have them on board to create a unique, distinct brand identity that aligned with our mission. 

We’re excited to introduce you to Leather. Let’s dive in.

Here’s What’s New

Inspired by our commitment to building a Bitcoin wallet that can stand the test of time, our brand identity speaks to the accessibility, reliability and long-term value of Leather. 

Our slogan

Bitcoin for the rest of us. 

Our new slogan is more than just a catchphrase; it’s a nod to our vision of making Bitcoin and Bitcoin Web3 a space that is easy to navigate for both new and experienced crypto users alike. Everyone should feel empowered to explore all the potential use cases being built on Bitcoin.


The Leather wordmark has been designed with a cursive typeface to speak to the timelessness and stability Leather users can expect to have with their wallet. It feels dynamic, digital and fluid, conveying Leather’s ease of use and our future-forward ethos.

Our symbol

The looping “L” is a simple, yet distinguishable symbol that conveys the uniqueness of the Leather brand in the wider Web3 ecosystem.

Color system

Our black and off-white color system gives users a sense of the precision and trust that comes with our brand. Designed to be compatible with both light and dark modes, this color system also furthers our user-friendly approach in ensuring that everything – down to the wallet’s visual display – is appealing in every respect.


Our primary typeface (Marché) is bold, confident, but also friendly to convey our dedication to being a leader in driving Bitcoin Web3 while also emphasizing the accessibility we want to give to users. Our secondary typeface (ABC Diatype) reflects the simple, yet utilitarian nature of our Leather apps.


Our main illustration style consists of two distinct categories: technical illustrations and stickers.

Our technical illustrations represent the functionality of Leather. Our sticker illustrations add to the accessibility of our brand by showing a more colorful, fun side of Leather. Many of the stickers you see are also NFTs by artists in the Bitcoin ecosystem, creating opportunities for collaboration and community building around Bitcoin.


Crypto and Web3 are ever evolving, and Leather is a Bitcoin wallet that moves to keep its users up to date with the latest developments on Bitcoin.

That’s why motion is a key component in much of our upcoming visual content. We want to convey to users that like Bitcoin Web3, we are dynamic, impactful and forward-thinking in what we build.

Looking Ahead

Our new brand identity is, in many ways, a reflection of our long-term dedication to making Bitcoin Web3 a place where every user can participate in the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin. We want to be at the forefront of driving the global transition to a digital economy built on Bitcoin, the world’s oldest blockchain.

We believe that a Bitcoin wallet shouldn’t just be a user’s means to store their Bitcoin. It should be a tool that permits users to become active participants in the internet of tomorrow. 

That’s why Leather isn’t just a Bitcoin wallet. It’s Bitcoin for the rest of us.

Connect to web3 applications built on Bitcoin with the Leather browser extension. Install Leather – the only wallet you need to tap into the multilayered Bitcoin economy – today.