Not An Ordinary Christmas - Ordinal Edition

Not An Ordinary Christmas - Ordinal Edition

Not An Ordinary Christmas - Ordinal Edition

Dec 22, 2023

General Wallet Use

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The introduction of Bitcoin Ordinals earlier in the year reinvigorated the Bitcoin ecosystem, showcasing new developments and influencing the broader crypto ecosystem with different blockchain's implementing their versions. Ordinals and Bitcoin wallets emerged as a surge in activity quickly created the need for wallets to integrate Ordinals functionality so users can confidently store and trade these new digital assets.

But what are Bitcoin Ordinals? Simply put, they are digital artifacts (i.e., Bitcoin NFTs) stored directly on the smallest denomination of Bitcoin, called a 'satoshi.' These artifacts can range from images, videos, or any data stored on the Bitcoin blockchain through "Inscriptions." 

As we quickly approach the holidays, figuring out what to get your friends or family can be daunting. However, suppose you want to be 'unordinary' and are looking for fun gifts or onboarding a non-crypto native friend or family. In that case, our Leather wallet seamlessly connects to eight different Ordinals platforms.

Leather’s Ordinals Partners


Gamma is an NFT and Ordinals marketplace designed for the Bitcoin and Stacks ecosystems. It is a comprehensive platform for users to buy, sell, and mint NFT collectibles, fine art, photography, and music. Users can inscribe Bitcoin Ordinals and benefit from Gamma's innovative trustless auctions for Bitcoin Ordinals.

The marketplace is also a creator and social platform where users can combine multiple wallets to showcase their NFT galleries and collections. A unique benefit of Gamma is their Gamma Partner Program, where they hand-select artists who can showcase their work in physical galleries and offer NFT prints to their collectors.

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is an established trading platform specializing in NFTs. It offers services, including minting, listing, buying, selling, and holding NFTs. Initially launching on the Solana blockchain, it expanded to support multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin. Known for its user-friendly interface and lower transaction fees, the platform provides users a primary and secondary marketplace for NFT trading. Features worth highlighting include the ease of navigating various collections, sorting them by attributes, participating in auctions and its dedicated gaming platform.


UniSat Wallet is a 100% open-source lightweight browser extension built for the Bitcoin ecosystem. It is a non-custodial wallet that offers a dedicated marketplace for Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. BRC-20 is a token standard for Bitcoin enabling the creation and transfer of fungible tokens. Unlike traditional smart contract-based tokens, BRC-20 utilizes Bitcoin Ordinals.

Unisat allows users to store, send, and receive Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. It also features a search function for inscriptions, the ability to view unconfirmed NFTs, inscribe Bitcoin Ordinals, or deploy BRC-20 tokens without the need to run a full Bitcoin node. 


OpenOrdex is a decentralized exchange designed for trading Bitcoin Ordinals. It stands out for being open-source and strictly using decentralized tools, ensuring a secure transaction environment without relying on intermediaries. It operates on a trustless system utilizing partially signed Bitcoin transactions (PSBT), offering users a zero-fee platform to buy and sell digital assets. 

The user interface offers a retro experience, allowing users to look up inscriptions quickly by ID or inscription number. However, the user experience is not as friendly as other exchanges due to the use of PSBTs. Sellers need to create a PSBT specifying the price of a Bitcoin Ordinal. A buyer can accept the cost by signing the PSBT and broadcasting it to the network.

Ordinals Market

Ordinals Market is an innovative marketplace that brings users a ton of flexibility. Aside from typical functions like searching wallets and listing Ordinals, they've recently introduced more advanced features like:

  • Listing cold storage Ordinals

  • Filtering collections by multiple attributes.

  • Bulk bidding on up to 50 items simultaneously with one signature

  • Importing listings with prices from other marketplaces with one signature

  • Checking offers made and offers received for any wallet on Ordinals Market has emerged as a central social hub for the Ordinals community, offering a blend of an explorer, upvoting site, and social profiles. It aims to be a comprehensive platform for everything related to Ordinals, enhancing the user experience. The platform allows users to analyze and categorize inscriptions, tag, and share their favorite inscriptions through voting.

Ordinals Wallet

A non-custodial wallet for Bitcoin, Ordinals Wallet also enables users to inscribe Ordinals and access a marketplace to collect and trade BRC-20s and Sats Naming System (SNS). The SNS is a method for creating easy-to-remember Web3 usernames using the Bitcoin blockchain and utilizing the Ordinals protocol. These usernames are registered and updated via Bitcoin transactions, ensuring a decentralized, gatekeeper-free system recorded on the blockchain.


OrdX implements multi-factor authentication and trustless PSBT-based transactions, emphasizing its priority on being a highly secure marketplace. The platform allows users to trade Bitcoin Ordinals (Inscriptions) on secondary markets and easily connects to our Leather wallet.

That’s a (Gift) Wrap 

It can be stressful running around during the holidays and buying gifts last minute. 

With that said, if you want to pass along a memorable gift that will surely be a subject of discussion among friends and family, consider using the Leather wallet to buy an Ordinal from any of our Ordinals Partners and share it to your loved ones!

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