May Partnerships Roundup: New Sources for Ordinals, Stamps, and More

May Partnerships Roundup: New Sources for Ordinals, Stamps, and More

May Partnerships Roundup: New Sources for Ordinals, Stamps, and More

Jun 4, 2024

General Wallet Use

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The Bitcoin network processed its one billionth transaction in May, marking another historic moment for the world’s oldest blockchain. The billionth transaction was processed in block 842,241 on May 5, exactly 15 years, four months, and four days after Bitcoin’s creation.

While Bitcoin isn’t the first blockchain to surpass 1 billion transactions (that would be Ethereum), this milestone still reflects a growing Bitcoin user base. Ordinals and scaling solutions like Bitcoin L2s have brought an influx of use cases to Bitcoin, giving way to everything from NFT marketplaces to a variety of Bitcoin DeFi protocols. More recently, the Runes protocol, which launched at block 840,000 in tandem with Bitcoin’s latest halving, also contributed to an uptick in transactions on the Bitcoin network.

With more projects, dApps, and protocols being built on Bitcoin every day, it’s important for users to have a Bitcoin wallet that lets them tap into this growing BTC economy. 

More Ordinals, Stamps, DeFi, and Runes for Our Users

In May, a few of our new integrations gave users additional ways to access collectibles such as Ordinals and Bitcoin Stamps. The demand for Runes also led us to seek more avenues for our users to mint, etch, and transfer Rune tokens. 

This included integrations with: 


Many Ordinals enthusiasts are familiar with Ordzaar. Aside from their Ordinals marketplace, Ordzaar also focuses on giving artists a simple and permissionless launchpad for their Ordinal collections.


If you’re not familiar with the PIPE protocol, using the tools available on Inscrib3 is a great way to get started. It’s a platform built on PIPE that lets users mint, deploy, and buy and sell PIPE tokens and NFTs (known as PIPE art). The platform also has an open source explorer that allows users to verify ownership and view the latest data on PIPE tokens and art.


CraftRunes is currently in beta, but users can still connect their Leather wallet to mint, etch, and transfer Runes. If you mint and etch enough Runes, your wallet address could be featured on a “Top 10 Wallets” leaderboard, which showcases CraftRunes’ most active users. 


Stamped.Ninja is more than just a Bitcoin Stamps and SRC-20 marketplace; it’s also a project dedicated to supporting Stamps artists. The Stamped.Ninja team states that artists receive 3 percent royalties on each sale (conditions detailed here), giving Stamps creators an additional way to support their work beyond direct sales.

Light Finance

Light Finance is a cross-chain pending protocol for Bitcoin L2s that hinges on the Light stablecoin. It is, according to the Light Finance team, the first and only stablecoin that uses leverage across Bitcoin L2s to funnel earnings to Photon users. Light users can borrow, mint, and leverage Light over Bitcoin L2s, as well as stake their Light and Photon. 

Putting Your Bitcoin to Work with Leather

Of course, these new integrations are just a snapshot of what we’re working on at Leather. Be it Ordinals, DeFi, or Runes, we’re dedicated to building the best Bitcoin wallet experience for users. 

For more on how you can use Leather to connect to dApps on Bitcoin, visit our guides page. 

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