June Partnerships Roundup: Making Bitcoin Payments More Accessible

June Partnerships Roundup: Making Bitcoin Payments More Accessible

June Partnerships Roundup: Making Bitcoin Payments More Accessible

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Jul 8, 2024

In June, some significant movements in the policy space and bullish predictions from institutional investors put Bitcoin – and crypto, for that matter – in headlines once again. These events underscored Bitcoin's status as a leading digital asset, highlighting its potential to revolutionize individual interactions with the digital economy.

Our goal has always been to make Bitcoin more accessible – and more productive – for our users. As a result, we’re excited to share some partnership highlights from June that will enhance our users’ experience with their Leather wallet.

Introducing: Helio and Liquidium

Leather’s integration on Helio and Liquidium gives users two things: more options with Bitcoin payments, and more ways to employ emerging protocols on the Bitcoin network. With just a few clicks, Leather users can connect their wallet to take advantage of a whole new ecosystem of payment and DeFi applications.


Helio is a leading platform that powers crypto payments for over 5,000 creators and merchants, and hundreds of thousands of unique active wallets. Our integration with Helio means that Leather users can now access embedded payment solutions that plug into everything from marketplace platforms to e-commerce solutions like Shopify and WooCommerce. 

Additionally, users can also:

  • Set up Helio’s Checkout Widget to enable card-to-crypto payments

  • List tokens

  • Add banners and social media links to promote their tokens and projects

  • Manage subscriptions and payment options across multiple blockchains

Altogether, memecoin enthusiasts and retail-focused Leather users alike can tap into a streamlined process for integrating payments and promoting tokens. 


Leather’s integration with Liquidium brings innovative lending and borrowing solutions that enable users to borrow against their Bitcoin assets. This includes their Ordinals, Runes, BRC-20 tokens, and more. 

Overall, Liquidium opens the door to new opportunities for users to leverage their Bitcoin holdings. This includes the ability to:

  • Borrow against their Bitcoin assets by securing loans using their Bitcoin assets as collateral

  • Lend their BTC and earn interest against their holdings

  • Secure their loan with inscriptions and other Bitcoin assets in a Bitcoin DLC

Overall, Liquidium’s innovative approach to lending and borrowing adds to Bitcoin’s utility and gives users even more flexibility with their Bitcoin-backed assets. 

Put Your BTC to Work in Leather

Our integration with Helio and Liquidium only adds to the capabilities of our Bitcoin wallet, offering users more ways to interact with and benefit from their Bitcoin and Bitcoin-backed assets. This is especially important as developers continue to build on Bitcoin, introducing new protocols and projects that demonstrate how far the blockchain has evolved.

For more on how you can use Leather to connect to dApps on Bitcoin, visit our Guides page.

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