April Partnerships Roundup: More Runes and More Bitcoin DeFi

April Partnerships Roundup: More Runes and More Bitcoin DeFi

April Partnerships Roundup: More Runes and More Bitcoin DeFi

Apr 30, 2024

General Wallet Use

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April was a pivotal time for the Bitcoin ecosystem. The community witnessed another Bitcoin halving and the Stacks network kicked off the instantiation period for the Nakamoto release.

But of course, Runes dominated the conversation as the long-awaited protocol launched on Bitcoin mainnet. The event marked another milestone for Bitcoin which has, over the last year, undergone a renaissance of sorts with new innovations like Ordinals drawing more users than ever to the world’s oldest blockchain.

This influx of users – as exciting as it is – has also emphasized the need for Bitcoin wallets like Leather to give old and new users alike access to emerging technologies on Bitcoin. Moreover, it has become critical for wallets to integrate with best-in-class protocols that can empower users to explore more of the Bitcoin landscape.

Bringing Runes, BRC-20s, Ordinals, and More to Our Users

In April, we established partnerships with a number of dApps that covered a wide range of services and features. These new integrations reflect our commitment to providing our users with the most intuitive and accessible gateways into Bitcoin’s growing ecosystem. 


Users who want to etch, mint, and transfer Runes can do so on Luminex. Additionally, Leather users who connect to Luminex can also explore rare sat inscriptions, effortlessly manage parent-child inscriptions, and re-inscribe existing inscriptions.

Best in Slot

Our collaboration with Best in Slot brings backend API integration for BRC-20, Ordinals, and Runes balance checks directly to Leather users. With access to market prices, including USD prices for tokens, Leather users can make informed decisions about how they want to put their assets to work.


Leather users now also have an easy, decentralized way to trade BTC and BRC-20s with ERC-20 tokens thanks to our integration with TeleSwap. Additionally, users can conduct other cross-chain transactions – like buying BTC with stablecoins from Polygon and BNB Chain – by connecting to TeleSwap with their Leather wallet. 

Fluid Token

Fluid Token brings Ordinals borrowing and lending through liquidity pools to Leather users. This means that by having access to Fluid Token’s Ordinals market dashboard, Leather users can conduct even more Ordinals-related transactions. 

Function Gallery

Leather users who are art enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that we have partnered with Function Gallery to give them access to curated, high-end, on-chain crypto art. As a premier destination for high-end art on Bitcoin, Function Gallery allows Leather users to effortlessly collect and inscribe unique digital pieces.


Hermetica gives users a chance to interact with an earn product on Bitcoin that is the first of its kind: the stSTXearn token. Denominated in stacked STX (stSTX), this tokens accrues yield from Stacking on top of the yield from the trading strategy introduced by Hermetica. 

STX Scan

STX Scan, a Stacks protocol block explorer, gives users the ability to view updates on wallet account balances and contract calls with price data powered by CoinGecko. 

Do More with Your Bitcoin with Leather

These partnerships underscore our commitment to empowering our users to explore the growing Bitcoin ecosystem. We’re dedicated to showing users what more they can do with the tokens and collectibles they hold, and how these same assets serve as a key to a growing digital economy built on the world’s oldest blockchain.

For more on how you can use Leather to connect to dApps on Bitcoin, visit our guides page. 

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